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Messages From Mary | Peace Comes When We Remember We Are Love

Working as a clairvoyant healer is like being a translator of multiple different languages. I receive Divine messaging in the form of images, words, impressions, and a deep inner knowingness.

This recording is a channeled message from Mary, Divine Mother. I know her as Mother Mary or Divine Mother, but I find it almost impossible to attach a name to the Divine as everyone has a different way of experiencing Divine Love. Mary shows up as the feminine side of Divinity/Spirit/God. She is the Mother of the Earth, Mother of Jesus, and the nurturing mother of us all. This recording is intended for all faiths, spiritual practices, religions, and lovers of life.

Mary has been coming to me during my meditation time and has asked that I share her wisdom. I have been recording and writing all of her communications over the past year and am currently compiling them into a book. Stay tuned! This particular recording felt necessary to release now because we are experiencing such intense challenges at this time. I so firmly believe that the power and vibration of love can help us to move through these times and support those who are most impacted.

I must give credit to the music that is playing in the background. I often play this version of Ave Marie on a loop while in meditation. It helps me to immediately feel Mary's compassion and light. Ave Maria, by Ashana, All Is Forgiven

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