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Experience Yoga With Suzy!

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Suzy's Approach to Yoga

Suzy's classes are as much of a workout as  a “work-in.” Her sequences build strength, embrace challenge, align the body, increase flexibility, and restore peace and joy. Her nurturing meditation classes offer a sweet pause with an invitation to go inward to explore, release, and rejuvenate.


In Sanskrit, yoga means union.  It's a beautiful balance between breath and movement, trust and surrender, opening and releasing. You will experience presence in your body, presence in your mind, and presence in your Spirit.


Yoga is much more than asana, or poses. It’s a life, love, and healing practice that continues long after we’ve left our mats.

Yoga Classes


"Suzy’s yoga classes are magical.  I walk in stressed out and fatigued after a week of work.  From the moment I hear her voice and she calls out, “Childs’ Pose”, I feel myself slipping into a perfect Suzy Schaak yoga coma.  It’s just like a 'Glenda The Good Witch’ magic spell when she says in Savasana, “All is well.  All is well.  All is well”.  Presto…I am reset and restored for another beautiful day."


"After continual panic attacks, deep depression and even contemplating suicide, I stumbled upon Suzy’s Monday night yoga and meditation class in a desperate attempt to feel better. Suzy bravely spoke about one’s life purpose, miracles, and healing light.  The safe space that Suzy holds in her classes, her ability to actually walk her talk, and most importantly, the energy of who she is, guided me into discovering my own “infinite potential”, turning my journey of darkness, back into light."


"To describe a yoga class with Suzy is like unwrapping the perfect present.  I’m never quite sure what I will be receiving in the class, but I just know it will be exactly what I need and love."



Explore the wholeness of who you are through the practice of yoga, meditation, breathwork, healing sessions, meandering nature walks, contemplative beach time, laughter, great food— and a great group of kindred spirits. Suzy personally designs her retreats in extraordinary destinations around the world as a time to pause and gather. 

In the safety and joy of this sacred container, you’ll experience deep insights about your health, relationships, happiness, future, power and purpose. Return home peaceful, clear, energized and inspired.

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Yoga Retreats


"This retreat changed my life!  Suzy offered a private healing session to align our energy and heart for the experience.  This is what set her retreat apart from other retreats I have been on.  Her healing session awakened something in me.  It showed me exactly what I needed to focus on for the week.  I felt this retreat was almost like a rebirth.  In a very profound way, I can actually say that I love me again. " -R.R.

"When I read about the Costa Rica retreat, I knew I had to go.  Suzy did such a beautiful job in creating a family out of strangers.  By the end of the first day, we felt like family.  We bonded over daily heartfelt yoga classes, amazing family-style meals, walks along the beach together, and some truly fun

and adventurous outings.  The entire experience was truly

sacred and I cannot wait to have a reunion!!!"  -E.H.

A Yoga & Healing Study into the Seven Sacred Truths

Highly integrated, this program teaches spiritual concepts through the vulnerability of the human experience by infusing Suzy’s gifts as a clairvoyant and energy healer, her intimate understanding of the chakras, and her years of experience teaching yoga and leading her signature 200-Hr Teacher Training program.


This is a yoga & healing study like no other. Your journey of self-discovery will extend far beyond the physical practice of yoga.  You’ll receive an unparalleled understanding of how the physical and energetic bodies work together to co-create optimal wellness through all aspects of yoga and healing modalities. In this course, Suzy uses the teachings from her book, Stand in Your Truth:  Seven Sacred Truths to Leading a Divinely Guided Life as an inspiration—illuminating your powerful, inner-wisdom and life's purpose. 

To stand in one’s truth is to understand that our human experiences and spiritual experiences are not separate. Our higher self is always expressing itself through the wisdom of our body.  Through yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussion, Suzy introduces these spiritual truths as well as their spiritual understanding. These truths align with the body's energy centers or chakras. The chakras are important because they are the bridge for our spiritual experience and life force to integrate into our physical body, allowing for healing and transformation.  Regardless of one’s intention going in, all come out with deep personal growth, a profound understanding of who they are and what they have to offer the world.

Transform Your Life!



"Suzy creates a beautiful and comforting environment where she guides her students through various practices that allow one to get in touch with their spirit and feel the warmth and love of the greater good that exists in the universe.  Her spirit is so generous and caring and she makes you feel safe as you move along your path."

"I could not imagine a better experience.  I cannot even express the true value of this training and would recommend choosing Suzy Schaak  to anyone who has ever considered a transformative yoga study."

"This training was so powerful. The asana practice that began each session was the perfect preparation for the guided meditations. Suzy's gentle and sure guidance allowed me to experience my own life force in a way that was very real. This changed my life in the best possible way"

Yoga TeacherTraining