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Expand Your Heart & Mind

Workshops with Suzy

Whether you are interested in learning about chakras or ready to awaken your inner healer, Suzy's workshops are as life-affirming as they are life-changing.  You'll come to understand that you are your greatest teacher, healer, joy-generator...and source of wisdom.

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"I came into this training with the intention of using it to help others and I walked away realizing how much it profoundly changed my own life."


"The information I gathered during this weekend immersion will be especially useful for me as a part of my personal yoga and meditation practice as well as working with my own clients.  Suzy is a very tender-hearted teacher.  She will gently push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to dig a little deeper into your own truth, making the entire experience quite transformational."

“I highly recommend Suzy Schaak’s Seven Major Chakras Series for personal and professional development.   You will explore and experience personal clarity and feel more energized.  If you are in a service profession, this is a must.  Take time for yourself and others will benefit too. " 

Anni B.  
Personal Coach 
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