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Suzy Schaak is an acclaimed healer, yogini, artist, and now, author.

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Stand In Your Truth: Seven Sacred Truths to Living a Divinely Guided Life is a roadmap for bringing humanity back into balance by raising our personal vibration and that of our beautiful Mother Earth. When living in Truth, your heart finds alignment with love, your Soul, and Spirit. You understand that our human experiences and spiritual experiences are not separate.  Fear fades away, revealing an ever-present unconditional loving wisdom in which all things are possible.

Within each chapter, Suzy introduces a sacred spiritual truth.  These truths align with our energy centers, known as the chakras. By infusing her gifts as a clairvoyant, her understanding of the chakras, and the wisdom she receives from Divine Mother, Suzy teaches these spiritual concepts through the vulnerability of her human experiences.  Suzy demonstrates how she applied these truths to help heal or find a more profound understanding through her own circumstances, such as the foundational trauma of adoption, walking her Dad through ALS, and losing a dear friend to an opioid overdose.  Stand In Your Truth demonstrates that life lessons are universal, even though our personal experiences may differ. Therefore, we can all discover more profound wisdom, healing, and spiritual growth by applying these truths to our own life.

Suzy also reveals “The Gift” within each experience – helping readers understand that we will all face contrast in our lives. Still, goodness is always hidden in every experience if we allow it time and space to come forward. The chapters conclude with a channeled message from Divine Mother, followed by a recorded yoga and meditation class that supports understanding and awakening to each Truth.  

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In 2008, Suzy walked her Dad through the final stages of a devastating disease, ALS.  After many quiet nights, lying with him in his hospice bed, she realized that she was no longer fulfilling her dharma and chose to step away from more than 20 years as a successful fashion stylist in the film industry.  In 2010, with a passionate mission to love, nurture, and heal the people and this planet, Suzy founded Pure Yoga, in Stillwater, Minnesota, voted the St. Croix Valley’s Best Yoga Studio for an entire decade. It was in this sacred space that she taught yoga and facilitated healing sessions for thousands, hosted yoga retreats and sold her artwork.


In 2020, after leaving her studio and stepping into the unknown, Suzy felt her inner wisdom nudging her in a new direction.  She was being guided to write a book based on her years of channeled messages, experiences in the healing room, and communication with Divine Mother.  Suzy’s attunement to vibration and light brings forward love, healing, and true transformation through her first teaching memoir, Stand In Your Truth: Seven Sacred Truths to Living a Divinely Guided Life.

Rooted in the earth and inspired by divinity, Suzy finds nurture in the healing power of nature. Now based just steps from the winding banks of the pristine St. Croix River and surrounded by hundreds of majestic pine trees, Suzy writes, records yoga classes, offers clairvoyant healing, and paints in her light filled studio. 

She is joyfully married to her soulmate Joe, is the mother of three beautiful grown daughters and fur mama to her rescue menagerie Winnie, Penelope, Hank and MaryJane

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