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How To Manifest Your Dreams!

Updated: Feb 28





For years, my dream birthday party was to have an inflatable obstacle course.  A couple of years back, I was sitting in my kitchen, looking out the window, and a delivery truck drove by with a large image on the side of an inflatable bouncy house.  I thought it must be for one of the neighbor's kids. I told my hubby, "Oh, they are so lucky! That is exactly what I want someday for my birthday. What I didn't realize was that this actually was for me! My family threw me a surprise party, and my dream came true.  I manifested the best birthday I have ever had, surrounded by my family and friends.  

The idea around manifestation is that you attract things you desire by matching their vibration.  In other words, like attracts like.  However, I know it is not always easy to vibrate high because life and different circumstances get in the way.  

So …When you find yourself in a funk, how do you create the shift to move through your unpleasant, lower vibration and into something better?

Today was one of those days for me.  I was edgy and a little frustrated. What had me out of sorts was thinking about ways to get my very first book, Stand In Your Truth: Seven Sacred Truths to Living a Divinely Guided Life, out into the world.  My dream is to make it a bestseller.  That’s a daunting task, right?  But…And…of course, it’s possible.  I simply don’t know how to do it–YET.  Today, for me, the unknown has become overwhelming.

From experience, I know I have to vibrate as high as my dreams.  So, whenever I need to shift my mood, I go out into the forest for a hike. I usually walk in silence, but because I started out sluggish, I decided to put on some music.  Within a couple of minutes, I was humming my way down the path.

With my mood adjusted, I decided to take off my shoes and walk barefoot.  Most of the snow had melted, and the ground was squishy and muddy.  To feel the mud between my toes is absolute perfection to me because it grounds me in my body and connects me to the earth.  I felt calm, centered, and focused. The simplicity of being barefoot enabled me to create the shift I needed to begin to daydream about having a successful book and allowed me to conjure up new ideas about how I would reach that very high goal. 

So, I pose these questions to you. 

  1. What helps you to vibrate high and brings you out of a funky mood?  Manifesting is all about high vibration matching high vibration. 

  2. What makes you laugh?  I mean, really laugh–like me flying through the bouncy house?  Remember, JOY is the highest vibration we can attain. 

  3. What makes you feel calm and grounded in your beautiful body? If our mind and body are scattered and unfocused, that same unfocused energy is what we attract back.

  4. When was the last time you allowed yourself to daydream without your adult voice chiming in, telling you your dream is out of reach?

  5. What dreams did you have as a child? Can you tap into that same wonderment you once had?  

I have some suggestions from my years of experience as a Clairvoyant Energy Healer.

  1. Be that kid again who knew anything and everything is possible –because it is. 

  2. Know that you are not manifesting alone. Call in Spirit to figure out the "how" when you are unsure what to do next.

  3. Oh, and have a good motto that empowers you.  My motto when I struggle with confidence is, “Watch me!”

If you struggle to match that high vibration or don't even know where or how to begin, read my book.

Written from my own experiences, each chapter guides you into finding your purest and highest alignment. 

The final chapter is all about the miracles that I manifested when I stood in my truth.

Stand in Your Truth: Seven Sacred Truths to Living a Divinely Guided Life

Available Amazon

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