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Basic Grounding Exercises

  1. (Eventually, you should be able to do this exercise from any position, but to begin with, a seated position with a straight spine is preferable). Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and steadily throughout this exercise. Keep the spine straight and feet or sits bones grounded on the floor.

  2. Begin by visualizing a stream of energy or a cord running down from the base of the spine. Feel it move down through the floor and into the earth. Visualize it running down and spreading out like the roots of a tree, anchoring and grounding deeper and deeper through all of the layers of the earth until you have finally reached the crystalline center of the earth.

  3. Allow the cord to anchor into the center of the earth

  4. Give a greeting and gratitude to the earth

  5. Now bring your awareness to a higher level of the earth and begin to allow the stability of the earth’s energy to rise back up the roots that you set. Using your breath, draw that energy back up and into your feet, up your legs, and into the base of your spine-the 1st Chakra/Root Chakra/Muladhara.

  6. Feel the earth’s energy stream up from the earth and into your body. Just allow it to mix there with your body’s energy. Allow your body to distribute this energy where it needs to go.

  7. Enjoy the stability you feel. (This constitutes the grounding aspect of this exercise. Grounding can be done anytime and should be done frequently.)

  1. After bringing earth energy in to support and harmonize with the body, move your attention to the Crown Chakra/7th Chakra (it’s located by touching the very top of your head). By your attention and focus, allow this energy center to open and expand.

  2. Honoring the God/Divine Spirit, visualize a beautiful, expansive orb of white light/God light just above your head.

  3. 10. With your breath, begin to draw that light into the Crown Chakra. From the Crown Chakra, bring the light into your 6th Chakra/Third Eye (the space between your eyebrows). From the 6th Chakra, pull the light into your 5th Chakra/Throat Chakra. Finally, pull the light from your Throat to your 4th Chakra/Heart Center.

  4. 11. Hold the light in that space and feel it expand with each breath. As it gets larger, it is clearing and opening space, releasing stress and anxiety, all unwanted emotions, filling your physical body with light, peace, and a pure sense of calm.

You are now “Running your energy,” which initializes body/soul integration. It keeps one centered and expands one’s conscious awareness, among many other benefits to one’s personal development.

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