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Heart Map & Vision Board

“ We cannot be anyone we want to be. We can only authentically be who we are.”

-Stephen Cope, The Great Work Of Your Life

Rather than just allowing life to happen to you, go within, have a conversation with your heart, and become a co-creator with the unlimited power and potential of the Universe. I support you in bringing forward the life of your dreams.


Before you begin your Heart Map & Vision Board, please get a journal that you will love to write in daily. It could be an artist’s journal without lines so you can add or draw inspirational pictures. Imagery is really important because it immediately stimulates your imagination and gets your vibration running high.

Throughout this exercise, I’d like you to begin with the statement, “I Am”. Tap into your deepest desires, as if anything and everything is possible. These desires are being created in the now, not as if it is some far-reaching dream. Children understand this so well. They feel their spirit leaping towards their object of interest. During this exercise, begin by remembering what it feels like to be a child believing you are able to do and be anything. Think about your childhood daydreams. Chances are those daydreams are linked to your Life’s Purpose.

Journal, draw, look up images daily that describe and articulate your feelings about what your ideal life looks like. Always keep in mind, the Universe is unlimited in its potential and can provide anything you desire - as long as it is coming from a heart-centered intention that you KNOW is possible. Manifesting is all about creating that perfect synergy of desire and inspiration.

Be sure to make this playful and fun so that you want to revisit it each day. A large part of this exercise is to pause regularly and remember what it feels like to operate from a space of abundance and your inner wisdom, before any non-serving beliefs & a small thinking ego step in the way.

In the next 12 months, 2 years, 5 years plus, what would you like to manifest? Try not to get into your own way when writing about this. Think with the freedom of a child and ask “What If?” Be curious and be adventurous with your free writing.

1. Vision for the next 12 months

Vision for 2 years

Vision for 5 years plus

2. Living Your Dharma/Life’s Purpose

Let’s dive deeper, get more specific, and break this down into categories. When these three categories are in balance, you feel good and can move and live fully in your Life’s Purpose.


• Your Home & Relationships (romantic, friendships, family)

• Personal-Growth

• Non-Negotiable aspects of your life, (i.e. Hobbies, Travel)


How do you want to feel mentally, physically, and spiritually? Be sure to break these down into three categories because they all contribute to your overall feeling of well-being.


• Physically

• Spiritually


Think about what you see yourself doing that is so much a part of who you are, it doesn’t feel like work. It is you living your purpose every single day. It makes you excited and inspired. You do not have to name a specific job title, just describe what it feels like to be of service to the greater good and to yourself. Your purpose aligns with your God-given gifts. What energizes and inspires you as you think about it? Also consider your goals, opportunities, income, additional training you might need to step into or enhance a fulfilling career.

3. Final Thoughts

What else? Did you miss anything important that did not fit into one of these categories? Give yourself permission to daydream and continue to add to your Heart Map & Vision Board.

This is going to be such an extraordinary year!


Explore Your Beliefs

So you may have found the last exercise to be challenging. That is okay. You are awakening to your true desires and you are also holding on to a lifetime of beliefs. Let’s take some time in this next exercise to explore what beliefs you uncovered that were getting in the way of truly opening up to your heart’s desires. Look at those beliefs and write an “I Am” statement on how you are naming and moving through those beliefs.

Exercise #1

Write down all of the beliefs you have about the following:

• Money

• Relationships

• Business/Career

• Health

Exercise #2

  • Write down all of the reasons why you will be successful as you move into the life of your dreams. Make your list of at least 20 or more affirming reasons that you know to be true.

  • Write down all of the reasons you think you won’t. This exercise can be very eye-opening as you bring the beliefs forward that are holding you back from realizing the life of your dreams.

If you need help moving through any of these beliefs, please reach out for a Private Healing Session. We can tap into your inner guidance to find the source of your limiting beliefs and begin the process of clearing them. I am fully supporting your amazing journey!


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