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{A Sneak Peek} Stand In Your Truth – Seven Sacred Truths to Living a Divinely Guided Life

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

“I will hold your hand until you are ready to cross over and take the hand of Spirit.” It was time to surrender what I promised and do what I knew my dad desired. After eleven days without food or water, he needed me to say goodbye. I held his face in my hands, kissed his sweet bald head, and said, “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” Then I walked out the door.

Shortly after my dad’s passing, I walked through a new door. The journey I took with him through the final stages of ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, allowed me to understand and embrace my gifts as a clairvoyant healer. I learned that the simple act of placing my hand on his heart awakened a new language between us. I soon recognized that my soul was speaking to his soul – no words necessary. It is the purest form of communication and the language of love. This was my dad’s final gift to me. He was the catalyst for my next chapter in life.

My Divine wisdom gave me a big nudge: It was time I stepped into my life’s purpose as a healer. Within a couple of months, I prepared a healing room in my yoga studio and began to book clients. After my first client, it felt as if I had been doing this for lifetimes. The gift I receive in each session is the ability to witness a person’s soul. The veil lifts, and I am able to see the perfection that is not just in all of us but is us. Our truth is that we are pure love and perfection from the moment we take our first breath until the moment we take our last. We then fold back into Spirit once again.

My latest communication has been with Divine Mother. I like to think of Divine Mother as Mother Earth or Mother God. Divine Mother’s message to me is about the disconnect we have with each other, our planet, and – most significantly – with ourselves and our truth. We have become a society of “doers and fixers.” Because of our actions, we are at a precipice on this planet. Stand In Your Truth is a guide to bringing humanity back into balance. The Seven Sacred Truths is our roadmap.

Standing in one’s truth and living within the Sacred Truths raises your vibration because, through these truths, you live in complete alignment with Spirit. To stand in one’s truth is to understand that our human experiences and spiritual experiences are not separate. Our higher self is always expressing itself through the wisdom of our body. Our job is to pause and listen. You tap into something so powerful when working in alignment and co-creating with Spirit. Fear fades away, revealing an ever-present unconditional loving wisdom. When you are aligned with love, limiting beliefs do not exist. When limiting beliefs do not exist, you have the ability to manifest anything into your life. You always know and remember you are light, you are love, and you are Spirit in action.

There are Seven Sacred Truths in this book. Each chapter introduces one of these spiritual truths as well as its spiritual understanding. These truths also align with the body's energy centers or chakras. The chakras are important because they bridge our spiritual experience and life force into our physical body. In each chapter, I also demonstrate how I applied these truths to help heal or find a more profound understanding through my own experiences, such as the foundational trauma of adoption, walking my Dad through ALS, and losing a dear friend to an opioid overdose. Each chapter also reveals “The Gift” within each story – helping readers understand that we will all face contrast in our lives, but there is always goodness hidden in every experience if we allow it time and space to come forward.

The conclusion of each chapter offers thought-provoking journal questions designed to help readers apply and expand their understanding of the truths. Each chapter will also include a link or QR code to a channeled yoga class and meditation practice I’ve created, each designed to expand and solidify their understanding through movement, breath, stillness, and silence.

Following each chapter will be a special page devoted to one of Divine Mother’s sacred messages. Each blessing harmonizes beautifully with the Divine Sacred Truth of that chapter. All of her wisdom embodies a resonance of healing light and Divine Love.

My clairvoyant gifts began as a child and have been growing throughout my life. My first psychic experience was seeing angels above my neighbor’s house the night he passed away. As a teen, I began to receive an internal voice that addresses me as “My Child” and continues to guide me to this day. After the birth of my first daughter, I could see auras and regularly received visitations from the other side – in addition to elaborate visions. While in the healing room, I receive a culmination of these gifts to guide me throughout the session. The most beautiful part of my sessions is when Divine Mother and Yeshua/Jesus appear. Their presence is not about religious ideology. Instead, they illuminate the session with the purity of their love, nurturing, and compassion.

My book bridges the spiritual being with the human being, which is precisely why it’s unique. I am teaching spiritual concepts through the vulnerability of my human experiences and do so by infusing my gifts as a clairvoyant, my understanding of the chakras, and the wisdom I receive from Divine Mother. Stand In Your Truth demonstrates that even though our personal experiences may differ, the life lessons are universal. Therefore, we can all discover more profound wisdom, healing, and spiritual growth by applying these truths to our own circumstances.

We are in unprecedented times: an ongoing global pandemic, social and political upheaval, a climate crisis, and unparalleled loneliness. Stand In Your Truth is a guide and a resource to help people not only survive but thrive in this physical world. This book is also a source of hope, revealing that you can make a difference on our beautiful planet simply by going inward, listening to the voice of your Divine inner wisdom, and living your life in alignment with love.

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