My Dream of "The All That Is"

Updated: Apr 5

The other night I had an extraordinary dream I feel I must share. In this dream, there was a beautiful woman singing on a mountain top. She reminded me of Billie Eilish. She was young and full of pure expression, perfectly comfortable with herself and her gift. She had a powerful, yet angelic voice. As she was singing on the mountain top, she hit a note that no longer sounded human. The note she struck took on a life force of its own. Her voice turned into the purest tone-similar to a singing bowl as it is ever-expanding through waves of vibration. It began to magnify as it projected outward. As she held the note, her voice grew and grew with intensity rather than weakened because she never ran out of breath. The resonance of this magnificent sound traveled and reverberated from one mountain top to the next, to the next, until it folded back into itself and began again.

There were judges present in my dream, almost like on the show The Voice. I was watching Billie sing as if I was watching it on television but I was also there in person. At first, I was not paying much attention…until…the vibration of her voice ran through me. Every cell in my body felt a euphoric sense of gratitude for the gift of life and the gift of presence.

I witnessed the intensity of her voice and of this mystical vibration encompassing all of humanity. I could see the vibration as much as I could hear it. I watched as this wave of sound connected with and actually created an energetic matrix or blueprint with everything in its path, whether it be human, animal, tree, stone, river, or ocean.

In this dream, I realized that her voice was God. It was the resonant sound of “The All That Is”. This blessed singer became the Primordial Sound of Om-the original sound of the Universe. Billie was the vibration of God as was everything else in its presence.

The judges in my dream went wild. We were all immensely humbled as we witnessed and experienced Sacred Spirit channeling through this beautiful woman, expanding from mountain top to mountain top throughout the world.

Upon awakening from my dream, I felt a joy that I have never known. I was being shown in this dream what it looks like and what it feels like to see Universality/Brahman (God/Spirit) when it joins in union with Individuality/Atman (Humanity) and becomes One. I felt that I was the “Oneness” of the Universe.

I was given a gift. The veil had been lifted for me. I experienced Heaven. And it is not someplace up in the clouds. Heaven is us. Heaven is humanity. Heaven is knowing the Oneness between our Creator and humanity and all living things. This wasn’t just a feeling or a dream. It. Was. Me. It is me. It is you. It is love in action- as a vibration of the whole. My “Beingness”, your “Beingness” is Love. And, Love is God.

As I went back to sleep, I sent up a prayer of gratitude for this experience. The response I received was,

“The singer is you, the voice is you, the mountain is you, and…it is everyone and everything. Wake up everyone and be that voice. Be the essence of your pure love vibration. Let every thought, every word, every feeling, every action, and every deed be based in Divine Love.” Amen People!

In Love & Light!


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