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Love Fearlessly

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

One of the greatest compliments I have ever received came from my sister. She said that I love fearlessly. At the time, I would have to agree. Yes, I do love others fearlessly. I love to love people. I love relationships of all sorts.

What I began to recognize is that it’s one thing to love others fearlessly, it’s another to understand the idea of loving myself fearlessly and more importantly... unconditionally.

I decided that in order to love fearlessly, I must authentically and unconditionally know self-love and acceptance first before I could truly understand how to share it with others. That meant looking at every part me-every belief I agreed to about myself, every thought that entered my head, all of the mind chatter, and all of my history. I had to accept where I was and gently love into these beliefs that I thought defined me. My challenge was to embrace every part of me for its pure magnificence. I embarked on a journey to seek my Truth.

The idea of unconditional self-love sat in my brain space for quite a while. I always thought I loved myself. What I discovered was thinking it and being it are two completely different things. I did love myself, however, the hiccup was, I didn't always accept myself. As long as I saw flaws, the contract of unconditional was not complete. Why? Because in these flaws, were deep rooted beliefs that I was not enough.

As I have explored this idea of unconditional, self-love I have, over time and with lots of self-reflection, been able to integrate it's true meaning into my heart. It began with very fleeting moments of a euphoric, deep love. It was a glimpse of what Spirit feels when they look at me and see me and see all of humanity.

I felt a flame light within me. I felt myself slowly stepping back into the Light. This feeling is remembering that we are all love in action. We are infinite, perfect beings. It's a powerful feeling that I hadn't remembered fully since I was a kid.

One of my childhood memories that reminded me of this feeling was running outside in the summer with as little clothing on as possible. I loved the warm summer air on my skin. In this memory, I was running barefoot with my brother and neighborhood friends. I remember the smell of clover and fresh cut grass. We were playing "King of the Mountain". I was a tiny kid - 25 pounds in kindergarten if you can believe it. I was small and yet felt fierce and so, so powerful. I knew I could conquer the mountain and be the last one standing at the top. I knew I was magical.

My flame was re-ignited because I remembered that this tiny kid was still ever-present within me. I began the process of uncovering my Truth. This Truth is that we are absolute perfect creations. We are love. It is so much bigger than an emotion or an action. The essence of who we are, our beingness is Love. Love is God, Spirit, the Divine. I discovered that there is no separation between the two. We are always, always in perfect union to our Spirit and to each other and to every other living thing in this miraculous universe.

I have had an awakening that can never be closed again.

I can actually say, out loud, that I AM beautiful, magnificent, glorious and miraculous. I do not need to follow these statements with a disclaimer or an exception because my Truth, our Truth is that we are all love. Love is pure perfection-no exception.

Phew! What an extraordinary feeling to be able to say that. When I am in alignment with Source and with Self, I am taking away any and all self-limiting beliefs and judgements.

I came to the realization that if I can fearlessly love myself without any boundaries, then I too can love and accept others fearlessly and without judgement.

There are times throughout every day in which I step out of the Light. I feel that some of our experience here on the earth plane is to "Remember who we are." It's to become fluent with our experience of "Being Love". Each and everyday as we feel and think and bump against each other and ourselves, we have another opportunity to grow and expand even further into this beautiful language.

Throughout my life, I have always had an indescribable affinity towards Jesus. He feels like a best friend. His time and experience on earth showed us what it looks like to be in a human body and also in a constant state of pure alignment to Source. I say this not in any sort of religious statement, but in a spiritual and sacred Truth. Jesus, the man, understood that he was of God/Spirit and this Divinity was him. He embodied the phrase, "I am that I am." There was never, ever a separation from this Truth, from his Truth. He was and forever will be Love. Love is God/Spirit. Love is Truth. Love is who we are. That Love has always felt familiar- like home.

Today, I challenge you to seek your Truth. To remember and Know what it feels like to step into your Light-to be able to love yourself fearlessly and unconditionally. Offer yourself grace as you walk through this process. There are a lot of limiting beliefs that we have all chosen to accept and layer upon ourselves. You know it's a belief if it makes you feel small, anxious, angry, fearful, shameful, less than. Any emotion that is not love or above has a belief attached to it, ready for you to explore. I encourage you to seek the help and support of others as well as sending up a prayer requesting some Divine intervention on your journey. We are not separate and never ever alone.

Remember who you are... a Divine being. You are pure, unconditional, infinite LOVE.

Blessed Be.

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