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Love. Illuminate. Transform.

You are beautiful, powerful, joyful, playful, invincible, and ready to bring magic and miracles forward every single day. So, let’s do this!  Whether you’re seeking clairvoyant healing sessions, yoga practice/teacher-training , retreats, or energy-infused art, join me in discovering a whole new world of infinite possibility and potential.

Like fairies in the forest, ancient oracles, yogis on the Ganges, or top athletes in the flow—get ready to align your alchemy, shine brighter, walk taller, and love bigger. 

Your body is a sacred container, so now is your moment to drink in all the deliciousness life has to offer! Let’s begin!

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Remember your sweet perfection, heart, and soul.  Release grief, find clarity, balance, and calm.  Experience your body realigning with its natural state of vibrant health. These powerful, unique, private sessions with healing facilitator and intuitive, Suzy Schaak, offer both emotional and physical healing.


Suzy is a clairvoyant healer and a channel for your guides, angels, and master healers. During virtual or in-person sessions, she shares wisdom that is revealed by divine realms to offer greater insight and lasting well-being. Suzy started on the path to mastery in the healing arts over two decades ago and has extensive training as well as experience in Hands-on Healing and Clairvoyant/Intuitive Reading.

Start Your Journey Into Healing!

Healing Sessions

Still not ready?  Suzy's clients share their stories of healing.  

"Suzy is a remarkable healer with a very, very special gift. I had a session during the toughest periods of my wife's long journey with terminal breast cancer.  Suzy got right to the core of my sadness and grief. Her words of insight gave me an understanding and perspective to get through those final months of my wife's life— and has continued to help me with my transition to a new life."


"Having a healing session with Suzy is a lot like a warm conversation with a compassionate old friend. It’s an experience that reflects the truth of who you really are, and the truth of what your heart and soul are communicating to you…all while being blanketed in compassion and resting in the peace of supporting your highest good."


"I sought out Suzy's help because I was scheduled to take my nursing licensure exams.  As someone who has struggled with anxiety for years, I left our first session feeling balanced, calm, and encouraged. Suzy provided me with tangible tools for my test day to remain clear-headed, focused, and anxiety-free to conquer my exam. I was able to successfully complete it in record time."



As an artist, Suzy calls in the creative energy of All-That-Is to bring forward art that often expresses itself in the form of her beloved plant and flower realms. 


Suzy doesn’t just paint on canvas; she allows divinely inspired images to come to life through her. Each brush stroke is a prayer. Each pigment choice an offering. Every swoosh and swirl, a blessing. The resulting print or original canvas is infused with healing energy. Patrons say they can literally feel the energetic resonance that radiates waves of love, light, and positive intention throughout their homes and offices.

Experience Healing Through Art

Healing Art
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